SINCE 1974

Traditional and Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Whether new, or existing customers, Kazim prides himself in getting to know his guests and diners. His recipes amounting to years of practice and perfecting in order to get the best taste and flavour throughout all the dishes. Believing in the use of only the freshest quality ingredients, prepared with care and diligence, cooked in house by our well trained and experienced chefs. The Efes philosophy is: to serve good food, by letting the ingredients speak for themselves, and elevating these flavours and taste further through the use of the charcoal grill to give dishes their authentic flavour.

Kazim and all our chefs understand the needs and requirements of food to taste great, look good by letting the produce speak for themselves, simple and refined cooking, done well. Mastery of the charcoal, fire and grill, the chefs in Efes strive for high standards and ensure every plate and dish to the pass meets those expectations set by Kazim himself with all the food from Efes.

Kazim having begun is his career as a kitchen porter from the age of 13, where he learnt on the spot by watching and familiarising himself with the kitchen environment. Gaining wisdom and knowledge with food from a young age, he gained skill and confidence over time, learning showcase the quality of ingredients,, simple, subtle cooking that maximises the flavour and taste of the produce through varying dishes.

He eventually opened his own restaurant in Turkey at the age of 22 and was working as his own boss. Kazim has excelled in the mastery of the kitchen over those early years. Mastering the cookery over the food and further expanding and practicing on the skills he attained. Seeking only great consistency and quality every time.

Nothing but


All the restaurants pride themselves by working with the same universal manner of accepting nothing less but the best, and highlighting the unique taste of Turkish cuisine that Efes stands for as pioneered by Kazim Akkus.

Whether just passing through or looking for a unique dining experience, Kazim and Efes invite you to try their authentic Turkish cuisine at any of the restaurants in London. For a true taste and service of Turkish cooking. Whether looking for a place to eat at lunch or dinner, Efes has a variety of contrasting and flavourful dishes and entrees to entice and surprise you.